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6 Holiday Safety Tips That Everyone Needs to Know

You can almost taste the excitement in the air!

As the family members
 begin gathering together, preparing large meals, and dragging out those holiday decorations from the attic - Christmas is nearly upon us!

Holiday safety tips and security concerns might be the last thing on your mind this Christmas, but that would be a mistake. The bottom line is that the holidays are not quite so peaceful for emergency rooms and police stations.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), an estimated
14,700-holiday decorating-related ER-treated injuries occur each year between November and December! And the Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that crime can spike as much as 20% during the holiday season.

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6 Essential Home Security Ideas to Fortify Your Home

Let’s kick things off with some good news:

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Fortifying Your Home From the Outside With Your Doors and Windows

Door and Window Infographic 

As you can see from the graphic, 81% of the time, thieves gain entry to your home through your locked doors or windows. Only 6% of the time do thieves enter a home through an unlocked entrance or storage area. While this is a good indication that people are becoming more vigilant about locking the entrances to their homes, clearly that is not enough to keep thieves out.

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Outside Lighting Best Practices To Deter Home Invasion

In our last post we explored some tips to deter would be criminals from invading your home. Today, let’s look at the benefits of keeping the exterior of your home well lit. Lights deter break-ins for two main reasons. Lights give the impression that someone is there, and they also make it easier for criminals to be seen.

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Key Steps On The Outside Of Your Home To Prevent Home Invasion

Recently, we shared the story of a family in a growing Nashville neighborhood who thought they’d never have to worry about home invasion.

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Door Armor Kick In Test With ITS Tactical


Armor Concepts CEO Alan Young met up with the ITS Tactical team at an abandoned property in Dallas.  Bryan and Alan discussed effective door security measures, and how Door Armor works.

Do you know how most home break-ins occur? The answer is: through your front door, and usually in less than ten seconds. Yes, it really takes less than 10 seconds for an intruder to break into a home, because kicking in your front door is incredibly easy. It doesn't require any tools. Just one swift kick to a door will allow entry to most homes.

In fact, 85% of burglars enter through a door. Kicking in a door is the easiest way to get into a home because your door frame is made of thin, soft wood. 

  Watch as Bryan tries to make Door Armor fail.  Wonder who will win that battle...

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